Finding Calm In Chaos: How to Overcome Media Hype and Overwhelm

Finding Calm In Chaos: How to Overcome Media Hype and Overwhelm

If you’re ready to overcome media hype, you’re in the right place. Media is a business architecting messages of chaos and dishing them up 24/7. Hype saturation is contributing to our mental health crisis but chaos, stress, and overwhelm don’t have to be our reality. We can thrive- together.

This week, we’re talking about how to find calm in the chaos, ditch the overwhelm and take charge of our reality with three human  “power tools”-  mindfulness, intuition, and mirror neurons. It’s my hope that you will leave this episode a little wiser, feeling empowered, and reminded of how awesome it is to be a human.

Deep gratitude to…

@sherylcrow for her beautiful quote that kick started my thinking for this podcast, to Jon Kabat-Zinn for his immense body of work in the field of mindfulness, and to all of the phenomenal humans who are dedicating their lives to researching neuroscience, consciousness, and our incredible human potential.

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Wisdom From My Mother On Courage and Reinventing Your Career After 45

Wisdom From My Mother On Courage and Reinventing Your Career After 45



SPEAKER_1: You’re listening to She Grabs The Mic, and I’m your host, Cole Baker-Bagwell.

SPEAKER_1: Every week, we’ll explore what it means to be happy, present and whole.

SPEAKER_1: You’ll hear from courageous women who are kicking ass in their lives, and leave with actionable tips that you can apply to reset from toxicity, tune into your gold, and live powerfully from the bedroom to the boardroom.

SPEAKER_1: Right now, it’s time to grab your headphones, kick back and relax, and get ready to be inspired.

SPEAKER_1: Welcome, Amazing Ones!

SPEAKER_1: We have an extra special guest this week.

SPEAKER_1: My mom, Pat, AKA Peaches.

SPEAKER_1: She’s an inspirational woman who is the epitome of the 1970s Anjali campaign, strong, sassy, and packed with general badassery.

SPEAKER_1: You are absolutely going to love our conversation.
SPEAKER_1: This week, my mom and I are talking about reinventing your career after 45.

SPEAKER_1: Peaches is going to share her She Grabs The Mic story of going from playing it safe to taking a big ass leap.

SPEAKER_1: Mom, welcome! I am so glad that you’re here with me today.

SPEAKER_2: Thank you.

SPEAKER_2: I’m delighted to be here.

SPEAKER_1: Awesome!

SPEAKER_1: Okay, you’ve always been an entrepreneur of sorts.

SPEAKER_1: Before we get rolling today, tell me about two to three of your favorite little business ideas that you had.

SPEAKER_2: Well, I think probably my first great little business idea was making cheese.

SPEAKER_2: My aunt had a wonderful cheese recipe, and she used to make it for like Thanksgiving, homecoming events, Christmas.

SPEAKER_2: And as she had gotten older, she quit making it.

SPEAKER_2: And one day I decided I needed to make some extra money.

SPEAKER_2: So I went for the plunge.

SPEAKER_2: My aunt said, that cheese will never sell.

SPEAKER_2: You’re not going to do that.

SPEAKER_2: So I got a friend.

SPEAKER_2: And she and I, I researched everything.

SPEAKER_2: I had to go to the health department.

SPEAKER_2: I had to get containers.

SPEAKER_2: I had to make labels and figure out how to buy the products at a rate or at a price rather, so that when I charged for the cheese that I was about to prepare, I would make a little money.

SPEAKER_2: I was really ahead of the game because some of my kids went to school with Bobby Ukrop, who was a great big grocer in Richmond, Virginia.

SPEAKER_2: So I went to Bobby and I said, Bobby, I want to bring you some cheese for your wife to try, and tell me whether you think it will sell in your store.

SPEAKER_2: Well, Bobby took the cheese home and he said, Pat, I wasn’t in the house an hour before my wife said, buy all that darn cheese you can buy.

SPEAKER_2: That’s how the cheese business started.

SPEAKER_2: So, it turned out to be a raging success.

SPEAKER_1: What was your favorite part about the cheese business?

SPEAKER_2: My favorite part about the cheese business was having the enormous amount of cheese delivered to my house.

SPEAKER_2: And the neighbors were saying, oh my God, what is the truck doing in front of your house with all that cheese?

SPEAKER_2: And I would say very calmly, oh, we’re making cheese to sell. SPEAKER_2: And it was called fromage delight.

SPEAKER_2: Doesn’t that sound sassy?

SPEAKER_2: Sounded so sassy that people could not resist buying it.

SPEAKER_1: All right, that’s awesome.

SPEAKER_1: Entrepreneur, she invented this woman like dreamed up ski pants for women with a flap between your legs to pee without having to take off all the clothes.

SPEAKER_1: Like countless ideas.

SPEAKER_1: I mean, this is where I get it from.

SPEAKER_1: All right, so we’re gonna shift gears here a little bit, mom.

SPEAKER_1: Ageism, gender inequality and pay inequality are very real issues for working women.

SPEAKER_1: I mean, so many people in America are facing this right now.

SPEAKER_1: And this is especially pronounced for women like me, like you, over 45.

SPEAKER_1: The labor researchers actually classify me as an older woman.

SPEAKER_1: What do you think about that?

SPEAKER_2: By God, I think that’s terrible.

SPEAKER_2: She’s not older.

SPEAKER_2: She’s just getting started in life.

SPEAKER_1: All right, I agree.

SPEAKER_1: I mean, my God, over 45 and you’re an older woman, amazing ones, we have to change this whole way of talking about ourselves when we get to be over 45.

SPEAKER_1: I will take experienced.

SPEAKER_1: I will take seasoned, wise, sassy, strong.

SPEAKER_1: I will not accept older under any terms or conditions because I’m not older.

SPEAKER_1: I feel 25, and my mother is sitting here beside me and living proof that you are only as old as you feel.

SPEAKER_1: She, I won’t tell you how many revolutions, but they’ve been more than 45 around the sun.

SPEAKER_1: And this woman is extraordinary.

SPEAKER_1: So for all of you listening who are in this club over the 45 club, we’re just getting started, like Peaches said.

SPEAKER_1: All right, back to you, Peaches.

SPEAKER_1: So before we get in to how you landed in the low country, tell us what you learned across your career about some of the challenges you faced as a razor sharp, talented-as-shit woman in the medical field.

SPEAKER_2: I was very fortunate in that physicians came after me and offered me positions. I never really had to look for a job.

SPEAKER_2: My first best job after I graduated, well, I went through many, many phases of hospital life.

SPEAKER_2: I was in Europe for five years, doing hospital work there.

SPEAKER_2: And then when I came home, I was blessed.

SPEAKER_2: The gentleman who used to write all the urology sections for the medical books throughout the entire United States, somehow got my name and asked me to come to Norfolk, Virginia and interview with them.

SPEAKER_2: And I was thinking to myself, my God, what do those people know about me?

SPEAKER_2: Why am I going there?
 Well, anyway, to make a long story short, I was really blessed. I think when I was put here on this earth, I was meant to do medicine and raise three girls. And by the way, I never liked girls. When I was a little girl, I always preferred boys, and God got even with me. He gave me three beautiful girls.

SPEAKER_2: Pat Devine was kind of the spokesperson for that practice.

SPEAKER_2: And I think he kind of liked me right off the bat, and I kind of liked him, but neither one let on that we pretty much cared for each other.

SPEAKER_2: And finally, at the end of the interview, he said to me, well, Pat, you will be the first urological nurse practitioner in the United States.

SPEAKER_2: Number one, my practice has never had a nurse practitioner, so you’re going to have to put up with all the residents and the interns here.

SPEAKER_2: And thirdly, if in three months I don’t like you, I can ask you to leave, and there will be no questions to ask.

SPEAKER_2: And then I took a deep breath, and I said, Dr. Devine, that sounds like a plan.

SPEAKER_2: And in three months, if I don’t like you, I can leave and no questions are asked.

SPEAKER_2: But you see, in the world that I grew up in, I grew up, my grandmother raised me, and my grandmother would love me with one hand and spank me with the other.

SPEAKER_2: And this is the thing that she always said.

SPEAKER_2: Tricia, you can do anything in the world that you want to do.

SPEAKER_2: Always present yourself like a lady and never say no.

SPEAKER_2: So I was a little bit of a daring woman, I think, in that I spoke my mind.

SPEAKER_2: And I think in any situation, even today, if you speak up and present yourself in such a manner, men will have to look up to you and respect you.

SPEAKER_2: They will say, hmm, not here.

SPEAKER_2: I was the only woman in a practice with 13 men, with six residents and five interns, and I never once had any disrespect shown to me.

SPEAKER_1: All right.
SPEAKER_1: So talk to me a little bit about pay. There are enormous pay gaps now. Women are paid 70 cents on the dollar what men are paid.

SPEAKER_1: What was that like for you back in the day, being a nurse practitioner in a primarily male- dominated medical field full of doctors and surgeons and other?

SPEAKER_1: What did you notice?

SPEAKER_2: Well, I went into this kind of practice with a lot of trepidation because I knew I’d be at the bottom of the totem pole.

SPEAKER_2: I was a woman.

SPEAKER_2: I was not an MD, but I was very smart.

SPEAKER_2: And I knew that I could do anything that was required of me.

SPEAKER_2: And the pledge that Dr. Devine kind of made with me, he said, Pat, if in six months you can do everything that my residents can do, I will pay you equal pay to them.

SPEAKER_2: And by God, in six months, some of those guys didn’t like it, but after a while they learned to respect me because they learned that I didn’t whine.

SPEAKER_2: I went in, I did my job, washed my hands and was ready for the next go-round.  I didn’t really experience any pay inequality. In the hospital I did, but not with these guys.

SPEAKER_1: Okay, so in the hospital, and you think back now about self-advocacy for what you deserve to be paid, what do you think was important?

SPEAKER_2: I think people today don’t value a human being.

SPEAKER_2: I think they look at you as here is someone that’s going to warm the seat and get the job done.

SPEAKER_2: You have to speak up for yourself.
SPEAKER_2: You have to lay out your requirements before you even entertain a job.

SPEAKER_2: And if they want you bad enough, they will pay you a little more.

SPEAKER_2: I just don’t believe that women will ever, even though this is a woman’s world today, don’t get me wrong, you just look around.

SPEAKER_2: All the CEOs in these big corporations are becoming women. Why?
SPEAKER_2: Women are task-oriented.
SPEAKER_2: They don’t bicker.

SPEAKER_2: They get the job done.

SPEAKER_2: They put their heads like my daughter, who is brilliant.

SPEAKER_2: She can do anything in the world that she wants to do.

SPEAKER_2: Just give her a task, and boy, she will measure up.

SPEAKER_2: And I think today as maybe we progress a little more, people are going to realize that women are not going to work with a lesser pay scale than men.

SPEAKER_1: So let’s move into, thank you for all the points you made about pay.

SPEAKER_1: I heard you saying that you had to work six months to get the pay that the residents got, but that you had a very generous boss that recognized your value, and you spoke up for what you needed, and that’s one of the tips you’re sharing with women today.

SPEAKER_1: So I could not agree more.

SPEAKER_1: So let’s head into 1990, just before you landed in the Lowcountry.

SPEAKER_1: What was life like for you back then?

SPEAKER_1: Specifically, what were some of the financial challenges that you were facing?

SPEAKER_2: Boy, that’s a loaded question.

SPEAKER_2: I had three girls, two of them were in college.

SPEAKER_2: My husband, this was my second marriage, my husband had three children, they were all in college.

SPEAKER_2: He came home one day, we were not married at that time, we were about ready to get married, and he said, Pat, I think I’m going to quit Carolina.

SPEAKER_2: And I was at Duke, Ken was at Carolina, UNC.
SPEAKER_2: He had been there for 27 years as a brilliant teacher and a researcher.

SPEAKER_2: He came home and he said, I think I’m going to quit.
SPEAKER_2: I said, you’re going to quit?
SPEAKER_2: He said, yep, I want to start a practice.
SPEAKER_2: And I said, well, I don’t know who will work for you because you don’t know how to work.

SPEAKER_2: All you do is teach and do research.

SPEAKER_2: I said, I’ll tell you what.

SPEAKER_2: I’ll run an ad in the paper for you, and we’ll see if we can, you know, round up some people that would like to work for you.

SPEAKER_2: I said, you’re so smart that I think people probably would grab the opportunity.

SPEAKER_2: Well, he didn’t seem to kind of buy that idea.
SPEAKER_2: And a week went by and he said, I have a great idea, Pat.
SPEAKER_2: Why don’t you come to work with me?

SPEAKER_2: You know medicine so well.
SPEAKER_2: And I went, I hate what you do, Ken.
SPEAKER_2: I am not, I’m a surgical human being.
SPEAKER_2: You are a medical thinker.
SPEAKER_2: I will never learn that.
SPEAKER_2: He said, oh, yes, you will.
SPEAKER_2: You already know medicine, so please come to work with me.

SPEAKER_2: I said, well, we’ll probably be divorced in five minutes.
SPEAKER_2: Well, anyway, he told his colleagues at Carolina that he was going to resign.

SPEAKER_2: This is really what started the ball rolling.
SPEAKER_2: They said to Ken in the parking lot, not in an office, you’re going to fail. SPEAKER_2: You have no idea what it’s like in the private world.

SPEAKER_2: You’ll never make it.

SPEAKER_2: He came home and told me that.

SPEAKER_2: I went, by God, we’ll prove them wrong.

SPEAKER_2: We’re going to be the most successful people that they have seen in a long time.

SPEAKER_2: So people started calling from all over the United States to Ken because he was so well known for a lot of the work that he had done.

SPEAKER_2: And I kept saying, we’re not going west. SPEAKER_2: We’re not going north.
SPEAKER_2: We’re going south.
SPEAKER_2: We have kids in college.

SPEAKER_2: This is the world that we have to live in.

SPEAKER_2: So we landed in Charleston, South Carolina with probably two nickels to rub together in our purse.

SPEAKER_2: We didn’t know anyone.
SPEAKER_2: We had no connections there with prior medical students, professors, friends.

SPEAKER_2: So we just decided, I said, Ken, we’ll find a place to practice, and we will make it work.

SPEAKER_2: So we took an old building.
SPEAKER_2: We renovated it.
SPEAKER_2: We started this practice.
SPEAKER_2: Within about two years, we bought a piece of property.
SPEAKER_2: We sat on that piece of property, and about nine years later, we built our own practice.

SPEAKER_2: When we retired, we had 20,000 patients.
SPEAKER_2: People came from everywhere.
SPEAKER_2: People even came from Korea.

SPEAKER_2: How about that?

SPEAKER_1: People came from Korea.

SPEAKER_1: What did you learn about yourself during that whole experience that was most meaningful?

SPEAKER_2: Oh, I learned…

SPEAKER_2: I didn’t have to learn this.

SPEAKER_2: I knew this.

SPEAKER_2: I knew that you had to love people like they were your family, treat everybody the same, no matter their socioeconomic background, and be kind to everyone.

SPEAKER_1: And what did you learn about yourself?

SPEAKER_2: I learned that I was tough as a bull.

SPEAKER_1: And what did it mean to work for yourself for 30 years?

SPEAKER_2: Well, amazingly enough, people would say to us all the time, how in the world do you and Ken go to work 12 hours a day, almost 7 days a week, and still live together?

SPEAKER_2: I said, well, Ken goes in one direction, seeing patients, and I go in the other.

SPEAKER_2: We love each other.

SPEAKER_2: We were committed to what we were doing.

SPEAKER_2: And actually, it was a wonderful experience to be able to know that I could learn from such a brilliant man, and we had such a great practice.

SPEAKER_1: So a lot of people talk about retiring mom at 60-something.

SPEAKER_1: Again, I won’t share how many revolutions you have, but you were not even close to 60-something when you retired from your practice.

SPEAKER_1: You stayed on much longer after that.

SPEAKER_1: What kept you there?
SPEAKER_2: Oh, what kept me there? Love of our patients.

SPEAKER_2: You see, another strange thing, living in Charleston, we didn’t have any family there.

SPEAKER_2: My kids were everywhere, and they had children, and they were all busy. Ken’s children were everywhere.
SPEAKER_2: They were busy and had children.

SPEAKER_2: So my patients became my family.

SPEAKER_2: And my family there, those people kept me there.

SPEAKER_2: They needed us.

SPEAKER_2: Yes, I was much beyond the age of 60.

SPEAKER_2: I went around the sun a lot more years after that.

SPEAKER_2: And truly, if my husband wanted to retire at 75, and if he had wanted to stay in practice, I would have stayed right there with him.

SPEAKER_2: I still miss it every single day.

SPEAKER_1: So as you think about the work that you did in that practice, what are you most proud of?

SPEAKER_2: Oh, I think I’m most proud that we went there.

SPEAKER_2: We were the only true 100% endocrine practice in the state of South Carolina.

SPEAKER_2: No one could do all of the things that my husband could do.

SPEAKER_2: Since he had been a teacher, he knew everything from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

SPEAKER_2: And most people that did endocrine, they either did diabetes, or they did thyroid disease, or they did menopause, or they did something.

SPEAKER_2: We did it all.
SPEAKER_2: It was just the most amazing experience to learn every single day and to see people as…

SPEAKER_2: A woman that’s my very dear friend that worked for us, she said, Pat, those people loved you and Dr. Gray.

SPEAKER_2: She said, You were not just their doctor, you were their friend.

SPEAKER_2: And you know, when you have a situation like that, I wish medical practices were like it today.

SPEAKER_2: People never had to wait when they had a phone call, they got an answer.

SPEAKER_2: We didn’t leave and go out of town and prescriptions were not filled and people didn’t know what was going on.

SPEAKER_2: We really took care of people as if they were our immediate family.

SPEAKER_2: And that was the most gratifying thing in the world, to go home at night and put your head on the pillow and know that you had done a good job.

SPEAKER_1: Okay, so what are you most proud of when it comes to the decision you made to get out of the safety of a big organization, take the leap and go work for yourself?

SPEAKER_2: Well, I’m proud that we had the courage to do it. SPEAKER_2: I’m proud that we had the tenacity to do it. SPEAKER_2: I’m proud that we knew that we were never going to fail.

SPEAKER_2: I mean, there is not a day in my life I still own the building that we built, and there is not a day in my life that I don’t walk into that building or go by that building, that I am so proud of all of the people that we loved and left behind, that still, you know, I still get phone calls two or three times a week.

SPEAKER_2: And I have to remind people, you know, I don’t have a license anymore.

SPEAKER_2: You need to call your doctor.

SPEAKER_2: They said, well, they don’t answer the phone, and Pat, you know everything about us.

SPEAKER_2: So how could you not be so proud that you have left behind some place in the world better than it was when you found it?

SPEAKER_1: I love that.
SPEAKER_1: That’s beautiful.

SPEAKER_1: Okay, Mom, last question.

SPEAKER_1: What piece of guidance would you offer to women who are over 45 and have a big dream like you had of, I mean, I don’t really even think you knew it was your dream at the time, but then it became your dream.

SPEAKER_1: So what is one piece of guidance that you would offer to women who are thinking about, like, oh, I’m getting ready to bust this joint and go do something on my own?

SPEAKER_1: What do you think is most important?
SPEAKER_1: One sage piece of advice from a woman who’s done it.

SPEAKER_2: Well, I think the most important thing is to know what you want, to plan ahead and try to figure out how you’re going to get it.

SPEAKER_2: I mean, you just can’t walk out the door with your suitcase in your hand and never come back.

SPEAKER_2: You absolutely have to be determined enough to know that when you walk out that door, you are not going back because you are going to find the dream that you were searching for and you’re willing to work as hard as you possibly have to to make that dream come true.

SPEAKER_2: And let me tell you, it takes hard work.

SPEAKER_2: It wasn’t a piece of cake.

SPEAKER_2: It didn’t happen overnight.

SPEAKER_2: I mean, Ken and I didn’t even have health insurance for a year because we had five kids in college and they had to have insurance.

SPEAKER_2: And I used to say, my grandmother used to tell me all the time, God looks after fools and drunks.

SPEAKER_2: I said, we must be the fool because we sure weren’t drunk, but we didn’t have any choice.

SPEAKER_2: But you know, if you love something enough and you want it badly enough, you will succeed.

SPEAKER_2: But I am telling you, it is not for wimps.

SPEAKER_2: It is for people who are strong, who are determined.

SPEAKER_2: And you have to love who you have to love yourself.

SPEAKER_2: You have to believe in yourself.

SPEAKER_2: And I hope you all have a grounded family and have someone that you love as much as my daughter loves that husband of hers and he loves her.

SPEAKER_2: And all of those things make something possible.

SPEAKER_1: Thank you! That’s a whole heap of tips.

SPEAKER_1: We heard strength.

SPEAKER_1: We heard courage.

SPEAKER_1: We heard tenacity.

SPEAKER_1: We heard don’t just pack your bag and think that it’s all going to work out.

SPEAKER_1: You’ve got to have a little bit of a plan.

SPEAKER_1: We heard loving what you do and having that vision for yourself, believing in yourself, having that sense of self-love, which is all super important.

SPEAKER_1: And I can attest to that.

SPEAKER_1: So if any of you are teetering on the edge, on the brink of leaving that big, comfy, cozy job you’ve been enjoying because you have a dream for yourself that is bigger, that is outside of that box, I can help you.

SPEAKER_1: Head to my website,
SPEAKER_1: Hit my contact page and send me a note.
SPEAKER_1: And let’s talk about what’s possible for you.
Let’s talk about the steps because as Peaches said, you can’t just pack up and roll. I mean, you can, and I’m not sure how well that’s going to work out for you.

SPEAKER_1: But if you truly want to reinvent your life, if you want to reinvent your career and do makes your heart sing, there is a way to build your runway, and I can help.

SPEAKER_1: So again, head to my website,
Let’s talk about what’s possible for you.
And in the meantime, I would like to thank this beautiful lady, Peaches Pat Gray, for joining us all the way from Charleston, South Carolina, and most importantly, for sharing her wisdom.

SPEAKER_1: Any parting words for these women?

SPEAKER_2: If you’re ever in Charleston, look me up. I’d love to entertain you.

SPEAKER_1: All right, Amazing Ones, until next time, be good to yourself and have a wonderful week!

SPEAKER_1: And that’s the end of the show today, everybody.

SPEAKER_1: I hope it has served you well.

SPEAKER_1: Thank you so much for tuning in.

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SPEAKER_1: If you’d like to learn more about me or my work, check out my website,

SPEAKER_1: Until next time, remember to be super kind to yourself and do your very best to leave everyone and everything just a little bit better.

You will leave this episode feeling inspired and heart warmed. And, if you’re flirting with the idea of reinventing your career and you don’t know where to start, I can help. Send me a note. I’d love to meet you. Let’s explore what’s possible for you, together. ❤️

International Women’s Day: A Rally Cry For Investing In Women

International Women’s Day: A Rally Cry For Investing In Women

March offers the world an opportunity to celebrate the past contributions and accomplishments of women with Women’s History Month. Being celebrated for 31 entire days is freakin’ amazing but, there’s one day in particular that’s extra powerful and that’s March 8th, International Women’s Day. This is the day women everywhere can come together in celebration of our potential and future possibilities.

U.N. Women have created a crystal clear call to action for IWD2024  which they’re sending out to public and private sector, societies, and leaders alike: “Invest in women. Accelerate Progress.” These words strike me as bittersweet. On the one hand, I’m saying, “Hell yes!” On the other, I’m sad as hell that in 2024, we’re still having to prove why investing is women is smart as hell.

In a statement on their website, the U.N. says: “Investing in women and championing gender equality turbocharges a future where everyone in society can thrive, creating a world of boundless opportunity and empowerment for all.” 

Eloquent words indeed. As I dug into the rationale behind the statement, I discovered three common denominators: personal agency, opportunity and equality. 

  • Agency over our bodies, minds, and lives.
  • Opportunity to be hired for our earned wisdom, skills and experience- regardless of age. (If you’re over 45, know this. You’re not old. You’re expensive.)
  • Equality spanning all manner of areas from our gender, rights, and pay, to the financial investment we need to support the businesses we dream of creating that will stimulate opportunity and the economy

The reality is this. The world will not turn on a dime. We cannot wait for the decision makers and purse string holders to say yes to investing in us.

We have to support and invest in one another. When we do, history’s taught us there’s nothing but upside.

As I look to the future that’s ours to create, everything is possible, if we believe it is.

Reflecting on where we’ve been  fuels me with a ridiculous amount of determination, strength and inspiration. Countless women unapologetically blazed trails and changed the course of history. They stepped into their power so you and I could travel a little easier and manifest even greater opportunities. These women fought for our right to be counted and to vote.

Women have marched and persisted for decades in pursuit of equality, opportunity, and agency.

The women who came before us transformed society and culture. They invented medicines and discovered cures for illnesses; unearthed precious artifacts and went to space. They were great thinkers, innovators, leaders, and musical legends.

They courageously advocated for themselves and rose in the face of adversity.

They did not back down. Instead, they broke barriers. They challenged the patriarchy, and changed countless narratives with intelligence, compassion, determination, and purpose. They instigated and inspired change.

They left a legacy of powerful lessons.

  • They taught us our reward of persistence is immense.
  • They taught the world that women are a force to be reckoned with, especially when we gather in communities and invest in one another’s success. 
  • And today, in 2024, they remind us of perhaps the most important lesson of all. If you and I are audacious enough to believe that we can, we can and we will.

When I look back in history, I am reminded that everything truly is possible. Having the right mindset, tools, and support, make stepping into our power and manifesting our goals possible.

My ‘why’ is to empower women just like you to actualize your potential and the agency you have to manifest your dreams and goals. This is how we build the future and change the world.

In Episode 23 of She Grabs The Mic, I help you step into the power you have today, to transform your world. My hope is that you will have the curiosity and courage to believe that you can and, the audacity to say yes to your amazing self.

You and I are the women making history now.

Our possibilities are endless. The way we think, persist, and contribute everyday matters. We have to show up for ourselves with love, courage, and determination. We have to support and invest in each other. This is how we build the future and show the world what’s possible.

The legacies we are creating today will pave new opportunities for every little girl who’s right behind us. One day, they will be the women reflecting on us with deep gratitude, awe, and humility. We will be their source of inspiration. How’s that for a full circle moment? ❤️

An Ambassador Of Hope: With TEDx Speaker Irma Goosen

An Ambassador Of Hope: With TEDx Speaker Irma Goosen

“ What if you had to leave your home and family today- and pack your life in two suitcases.” – Irma Goosen

This is where one woman’s She Grabs The Mic story begins. Meet Irma Goosen, aTEDx speaker, engineer, author, Mom, and a advocate for women, youth and immigration reform. 

Irma is using her experience as a legal immigrant to empower others who are taking the same journey. 

She sheds new light on legal immigration and the experience of children who immigrate with their families. Irma talks about her work with women who have immigrated and how empowerment changing their lives and our world. 

Most importantly, Irma shares the possibilities that are here for us to realize by embracing our new super culture as we live alongside people from all over the world.

As we lead up to International Women’s Day on March 8th, I am beyond grateful that this amazing woman joined She Grabs The Mic to share her inspiring story. 

And, in case you haven’t heard, the theme for IWD this year is “Invest in women, accelerate progress.”  Irma exemplifies this theme in her life and her work. Thank you Irma Goosen

To all of my sisters around the world, this one’s for you.  I’m sending you BIG love! ❤️

Listen to Irma’s inspiring TEDx talk

How To Start Manifesting Your Dreams And Goals To Change Your Life

How To Start Manifesting Your Dreams And Goals To Change Your Life



SPEAKER_1: You’re listening to She Grabs The Mic, and I’m your host, Cole Baker-Bagwell.

SPEAKER_1: Every week, we’ll explore what it means to be happy, present and whole.

SPEAKER_1: You’ll hear from courageous women who are kicking ass in their lives, and leave with actionable tips that you can apply to reset from toxicity, tune into your gold, and live powerfully from the bedroom to the boardroom.

SPEAKER_1: Right now, it’s time to grab your headphones, kick back and relax, and get ready to be inspired.

SPEAKER_1: Welcome, Amazing Ones!

SPEAKER_1: I am so deeply grateful and happy that you were here today, because every single time that you show up, every time you choose to pop me in your ears, you are saying yes to yourself.

SPEAKER_1: You’re saying yes to your growth, to your journey, to everything that you want most.

SPEAKER_1: You are learning something new, you are leading with curiosity, and you are giving yourself a big act of self love by tuning in, so thank you for being here.

SPEAKER_1: In this moment, what’s possible for you?

SPEAKER_1: Now, this question is my absolute most favorite question on the planet, because the answer is everything.

SPEAKER_1: Everything is possible, and oh my God, it’s a beautiful truth!

SPEAKER_1: And we’re going to be talking about that this week because the theme for the week is manifestation.

SPEAKER_1: Now, this is a word that I fully realize is often relegated to the land of woo woo hippie fluff, but in reality, manifestation is a mind blowing personal power that most of us are never taught, much less taught how to actualize, and this week we’re going to change that.

SPEAKER_1: We’re going to talk about what manifestation is.

SPEAKER_1: We’ll talk about the energy that fuels it, and we’re going to talk about how you can start manifesting what you want and desire most for yourself and for your life.

SPEAKER_1: You’re going to walk away with three rules of manifestation and three ways that you can begin to make this practice part of your world if it’s important for you.

SPEAKER_1: But first, I’m going to tell you a story to illustrate how manifestation can work if you say yes and you begin to practice.

SPEAKER_1: So as I think about my biggest, most challenging, badass life decisions that I’ve made over the last two decades, I see one common denominator and that’s manifestation.

SPEAKER_1: This skill and practice has opened incredible doors for me.  It has sent the most amazing and connected people my way. SPEAKER_1: It has allowed me to live in the space of alignment, of what’s possible.

SPEAKER_1: I think about my marriage to my husband.

SPEAKER_1: I think about reinventing my career.
SPEAKER_1: Moving our homes, making big, big decisions that we’ve made.

SPEAKER_1: Maybe it was a dream trip that we took.
SPEAKER_1: Every single one of those things was possible because we manifested them.

SPEAKER_1: And here’s a really recent example.

SPEAKER_1: Many of you who have been listening know that a couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to leave the city of Raleigh, our home, and take a leap of faith and move to the mountains of North Carolina.

SPEAKER_1: And we had many reasons for that.
SPEAKER_1: And here we are two years later.
SPEAKER_1: And again, we have gotten very mindful.
SPEAKER_1: And three weeks ago, we decided to move back to our home city of Raleigh.

SPEAKER_1: We’ve paid really close attention to what we want most for our lives.  And this is where we’ve landed.

SPEAKER_1: Now, neither of us, when we decided about this big move, had any idea how the multiple dominoes, like big ass dominoes I’m talking about, that needed to line up would actually line up.

SPEAKER_1: We had no clue.

SPEAKER_1: We realized that we would need to sell our current home, buy a new one, which, by the way, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the housing market across the United States, the Raleigh housing market is like on fire.

SPEAKER_1: It’s ridiculous.

SPEAKER_1: A house would go on the market and within like an hour or two, it’s already sold.

SPEAKER_1: So we knew we had really big mountain to climb there.

SPEAKER_1: And then we also knew that my husband would need to find a new teaching job.

SPEAKER_1: So lots of big uncertain dominoes that had to fall in place for us to make this thing real.

SPEAKER_1: So what we’ve been crystal clear about is that moving back home is what we want.

SPEAKER_1: So everything that we’re doing is in the spirit and alignment of that move.

SPEAKER_1: Now, if you’ve moved, which I’m imagining most of you have and probably some of you several times, my God, it’s one of the most stressful things that any of us can go through.

SPEAKER_1: I mean, there’s packing, cleaning, organizing, looking for that one freakin’ flip flop that didn’t quite make it into the right box.

SPEAKER_1: It’s a lot.

SPEAKER_1: It’s unsettling because change, even good change, even change we choose can be really, really hard.

SPEAKER_1: Then there was the matter of finding a realtor to represent us here, a realtor to represent us in Raleigh.

SPEAKER_1: And our home here that is going to be listed on March the 4th is also, by the way, my office where I currently coach women, I’m writing my book, record this podcast and teach.

SPEAKER_1: So there’s a lot of holy shits about this decision that we’re making. And needless to say, we have a lot to take on, right?

SPEAKER_1: And it would have been so easy at any point over the last several weeks for us to get caught up in the swirl, to feel worried, to feel fearful, stressful or downright panicked.

SPEAKER_1: But we haven’t, and we don’t because we are aligned with each other.

SPEAKER_1: We are aligned with our vision, and we are in the flow of energy that is allowing us to connect with the possibilities that are already here for us.

SPEAKER_1: Instead of feeling stressed, we’re smiling and we’re sleeping like babies.

SPEAKER_1: And as it turns out, every single one of those big-ass dominoes is lining up perfectly,


SPEAKER_1: It’s green lights all the way.

SPEAKER_1: And this is happening because he and I are really super crystal clear about what we want.

SPEAKER_1: And we share a mindset of possible.

SPEAKER_1: We are in the electric flow of manifestation energy.

SPEAKER_1: We have seen our new home.

SPEAKER_1: We have seen our new life as if it is already happening.

SPEAKER_1: Now, if you had asked my husband two months ago, would this be possible?

SPEAKER_1: I’m pretty sure he would have skeptically said, absolutely not.

SPEAKER_1: It’s too much.

SPEAKER_1: The lift is too big.

SPEAKER_1: Too many dominoes to line up.

SPEAKER_1: But my mindset of possible, as it turns out, was contagious in the very best way.

SPEAKER_1: It’s rubbed off on him.

SPEAKER_1: So we have this crystal clear shared vision that we are now holding together just like we’ve seen it happening.

SPEAKER_1: And it is happening, amazing ones, in real time.
SPEAKER_1: It’s crazy how fast it is happening.
SPEAKER_1: So if you’re feeling stuck or unclear, here’s what I want you to know.
SPEAKER_1: I really want you to hear me when I say this.
SPEAKER_1: I haven’t always had the mindset, language and tools of manifestation.
SPEAKER_1: I’ve bumped my ass a million times along the way.
SPEAKER_1: I stressed out over decisions that were far less significant.
SPEAKER_1: But I have learned the mindset, language and tools of manifestation over the years, and I

have practiced living in the space of possibility and openness.

SPEAKER_1: And if I can do it, you can too.

SPEAKER_1: Now, I want to shift gears here a little bit.

SPEAKER_1: And as we get into manifestation, I want to share some wise words that my coach shared with me a long time ago that landed in my heart and stuck in my mind.
SPEAKER_1: They became a mantra for me. The words that she shared were allow, don’t push.

SPEAKER_1: In my own life and in my coaching practice, I translate her sage words as stay open, be patient, have faith, trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust your instincts.

SPEAKER_1: This is the mindset, energy and language of flow.

SPEAKER_1: I want you to know this.

SPEAKER_1: Flow is available to every single human being on the planet right now.

SPEAKER_1: When you have the audacity to dream big and the courage to accept that everything, in fact, is possible, you can rewire your thinking and you can access it all just like I am.

SPEAKER_1: Here’s the rub.

SPEAKER_1: For so many of us, there are these she beasts who enter our field of flow, and their names are resistance, fear and control.

SPEAKER_1: Now, these girls are dominant and prevalent forces, and they may be in your life right now.

SPEAKER_1: I sure as hell have felt them in mine.
SPEAKER_1: And they will run ram shod if they go unnoticed.

SPEAKER_1: But when we get mindful, when we slow down and we commune with them, we can access their counterpoints and we can integrate them to become more powerful.

SPEAKER_1: But to integrate them, we have to understand them.

SPEAKER_1: Now, these she beasts keep us in the swirl, and they keep us out of the flow we need for positive manifestation.

SPEAKER_1: They create a mindset of energy and a language of pessimism, doubt, frustration, anger, stress, hopelessness.

SPEAKER_1: They do all of that when they go unnoticed.

SPEAKER_1: But when we get mindful and we understand that we are operating from a place of resistance, of fear and a need to control, we can make a different choice and again access the counterpoints, which are openness, faith and surrender.

SPEAKER_1: So the salient message here, as we think about allow, don’t push, is when you are operating in the place of resistance, fear and need to control, the invitation to step into flow will be out of reach.

SPEAKER_1: But by shifting your mindset, you shift your energy and your language, and you enter a space where everything is possible.

SPEAKER_1: And that’s the incubator for powerful manifestation.
SPEAKER_1: So let’s really get into it.
SPEAKER_1: Let’s talk about manifestation.
SPEAKER_1: So by definition, this word means the action or fact of showing an abstract idea.

SPEAKER_1: The action or fact of showing an abstract idea.

SPEAKER_1: In other words, seeing what you want for yourself as if it has already happened. SPEAKER_1: Having an idea of what you want in your life and then creating it.
SPEAKER_1: It’s the everything’s possible mindset that opens your mind and your heart. S

PEAKER_1: And this mindset puts you in the flow of energy, optimism, electricity and abundance.

SPEAKER_1: This is the space of manifestation, more commonly called creation.

SPEAKER_1: Now, I mentioned to get into a flow state that makes manifestation possible. SPEAKER_1: You need the right mindset, energy and language.
SPEAKER_1: Let’s talk about each one of those components.

SPEAKER_1: We’ll start with mindset.

SPEAKER_1: Mindset is defined as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

SPEAKER_1: Now, I’ve said it before, and I will say it at least a hundred gazillion more times in my life that mindset is an absolute game changer.

SPEAKER_1: It can sink you or it can elevate you.

SPEAKER_1: It is a massive differentiator.

SPEAKER_1: So think about the most negative person that you know.

SPEAKER_1: Get them really clearly sort of formed in your mind.

SPEAKER_1: Think about the words that they use.

SPEAKER_1: How optimistic are they about their future?

SPEAKER_1: Where are they creating self-fulfilling prophecies of total shit because their language and mindset have led them there?

SPEAKER_1: How do you feel when you are around them?

SPEAKER_1: Now, shift gears and think about the most positive person that you know.

SPEAKER_1: This could be someone who has beaten the odds and kicked cancer’s ass.

SPEAKER_1: It could be someone who has rebuilt their life after like a serious nightmare level divorce or a fire that destroyed their home.

SPEAKER_1: Maybe it’s someone who suffered a tragedy and became a source of inspiration for thousands of other souls.

SPEAKER_1: These people created self-fulfilling prophecies too. SPEAKER_1: The difference in their outcomes was mindset.

SPEAKER_1: Mindset dictates your thoughts, which dictate your language, your feelings, and the choices that you make.

SPEAKER_1: Mindset, language, and outcomes are inextricably linked.

SPEAKER_1: Imagine them like a chain, a beautiful chain, a daisy chain, a chain of silver or gold that you might wear around your wrist.

SPEAKER_1: Inextricably linked.

SPEAKER_1: Now, let’s talk about energy.

SPEAKER_1: Energy is defined as the force that causes things to move.

SPEAKER_1: Think about that for a minute.

SPEAKER_1: Energy is the force that causes things to move.

SPEAKER_1: When we talk about good vibes and bad vibes, they are as real as the day is long.

SPEAKER_1: They’re energy.

SPEAKER_1: And it’s real because from a scientific standpoint, every living thing emits a vibration.

SPEAKER_1: A frequency of energy that is measurable.

SPEAKER_1: How you vibrate, the energy that you emit, is the force that causes you to move or not move things in your life.

SPEAKER_1: Your energy determines who and what you attract and how and what you manifest or create.

SPEAKER_1: Let’s pause here.
SPEAKER_1: I want to reframe to make sure we’re on the same page because I’ve given you a lot.

SPEAKER_1: Manifestation is the action or fact of showing an abstract idea, aka making your dreams, goals and vision for what you want real.

SPEAKER_1: Mindset is defined as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

SPEAKER_1: And energy is defined as the force that causes things to move.

SPEAKER_1: Amazing ones, this is simple math.

SPEAKER_1: Manifesting, making your dreams and goals real is possible when you have a positive mindset and are in the flow of energy, the force that leads to positive creation that causes things to move and shake in your life.

SPEAKER_1: It makes the abstract tangible.

SPEAKER_1: Manifesting is a skill.

SPEAKER_1: It’s a practice that is shaped by your mindset, energy and language.

SPEAKER_1: And it applies to every single facet of your life if you choose it.

SPEAKER_1: It could apply to your career, your relationships, the home that you want to buy, the amount of money that you want to earn, your health, that book that you want to write, the community you want to launch, the marathon you want to run, the dreams and goals that set yourself on fire, keep you awake at night, and cause you to feel alive.

SPEAKER_1: In my experience, there are three basic rules of manifestation.

SPEAKER_1: Grab your pen, I invite you to write them down. SPEAKER_1: Number one, always, always, always manifest in the positive. This is so important.

SPEAKER_1: Focus on what you do want as opposed to what you don’t want.
SPEAKER_1: Manifesting is an act of positivity.
SPEAKER_1: That flow of energy we talked about, abundant energy.
SPEAKER_1: So focus on what you do want, and this will get you into that place of what’s possible.

SPEAKER_1: Answer everything.

SPEAKER_1: Number two, see what you want as if it has already happened.

SPEAKER_1: Create a really clear picture in your mind and hold it close.

SPEAKER_1: Remember, you’re the one holding the big box of crayons. You get to choose what that picture looks like.

SPEAKER_1: Now, if you’re saying, “Cole, I have this dream guy in my mind or this dream woman in my mind, and I want to make them my partner for life”, imagine them as if they are already there.

SPEAKER_1: If you say, I want to step out of this career that I’ve been in for 20 or 30 years, and I want to reinvent myself and step into my dreams that I put on the shelf why I raised my kids and worked and hustled, imagine yourself as if it’s already happening.

SPEAKER_1: If you want to write a book, imagine it’s already written. SPEAKER_1: If you want to run a marathon, imagine yourself at the finish line.

SPEAKER_1: See what you want as if it has already happened.

SPEAKER_1: Number three, reframe your language for God’s sakes.

SPEAKER_1: The words you use influence your mindset, and your mindset influences your language.

SPEAKER_1: They have this like cross-pollination that is constantly happening in your brain.

SPEAKER_1: When you want to get into the space of manifesting the space of what’s possible, (answer being everything) can I becomes I can, will I becomes I am, if it becomes it is.

SPEAKER_1: Speak to yourself as if what you want is already happening.

SPEAKER_1: Finally, I want to share three of the most game-changing tools that I use in my own life hen I am manifesting my dreams and goals, because as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t always have these.

SPEAKER_1: I didn’t understand the language, the tools or the practice.

SPEAKER_1: And I am here to help you get one step closer so that you can get a jump start on manifesting what you want for your own life.

SPEAKER_1: Grab your pen.

SPEAKER_1: Here we go.

SPEAKER_1: Number one, meditation.

SPEAKER_1: Silence is medicine.

SPEAKER_1: Now, before I get into this practice, this golden practice, I want to acknowledge something.

SPEAKER_1: Meditation has been bastardized in the Western culture.
SPEAKER_1: I have coached women who have learned meditation practices from others.

SPEAKER_1: They have been taught that it is a destination, that it is some goal to accomplish some kind of ideal state.

SPEAKER_1: Let go of that.
SPEAKER_1: Meditation can happen in all sorts of ways. SPEAKER_1: It can happen when you’re standing in the shower. SPEAKER_1: It can happen when you are on a walk or a run.

SPEAKER_1: It can happen when you’re drawing or painting or playing an instrument. Silence is medicine.

SPEAKER_1: When I talk about meditation, I am speaking about silence, about that time of the day where you can go inward, where you can access the deepest and truest part of yourself, if only for a few minutes, because, my God, amazing ones, we live in a crazy-ass busy world.

SPEAKER_1: We’re inundated with information that’s coming into our minds, into our energy fields, into our lives from all directions.

SPEAKER_1: I mean, I am at the point in my life where I would just about kill for a billboard instead of all the shit that comes to my phone every day.

SPEAKER_1: We are inundated. We are busy. It’s noisy in the world.

SPEAKER_1: And underlying all of that incoming information, all of those messages, are the underlying self-limiting beliefs that we’ve learned across our lives that generate our internal messaging, our internal belief system about what is and what is not possible.

SPEAKER_1: So we have to disrupt that cycle and the way that we get in touch with all of that is through silence, by going inward.

SPEAKER_1: In order to get out of the swirl of busyness, stress, fear, doubt, worry, resistance, and the need to control, to get super crystal clear on what you want, you have to spend a few minutes every day in silence.

SPEAKER_1: I will invite you to not list it as a task on your to-do list.

SPEAKER_1: I will invite you to look at silence as an act of love, as a gift that you are giving to yourself, as a essential ritual for your day, for your body, for your mind.

SPEAKER_1: It is freakin’ magical, even if it’s only a few minutes.

SPEAKER_1: Now, to kind of paint the picture of how powerful silence is for you, because maybe you haven’t had any in quite a while, remember how peaceful it was to silently stare out the window when you were a kid riding in the car?

SPEAKER_1: Or the sheer happiness that you felt when you rode your bike? Or grab that big box of crayons to color for hours?

SPEAKER_1: All of those are forms of meditation, forms of silence that connected you with your inner self, your happiness, your flow state.

SPEAKER_1: Silence is medicine.

SPEAKER_1: And as I mentioned, it can happen absolutely anywhere.

SPEAKER_1: And again, on your commute, in the shower, your morning or evening walk, while you’re painting, drawing.

SPEAKER_1: It does not happen at your computer.  It does not happen on your phone.

SPEAKER_1: It does not happen when you are plugged into the outside world because the whole point is to go inward.

SPEAKER_1: And of course, you can also carve out time to sit silently if you choose to.

SPEAKER_1: And if you choose to do that, even for a few minutes a day, I would encourage you to see the vision that you have for yourself in your mind and pay attention to your breathing.

SPEAKER_1: It’s happening all day long without you noticing it, a single lick.

SPEAKER_1: But if you pay attention to the breathing and you keep the vision in your mind, you can get your mind to kind of come along with you as you breathe, and it makes the silence richer.

SPEAKER_1: And I promise you that there’s information that will come out, that communion with the She Beasts that I mentioned earlier.

SPEAKER_1: You may get some information about what is present for you right now from an energetic standpoint, from a mind-body standpoint, from a belief system standpoint.

SPEAKER_1: But again, this silence, this time in silence, however you choose to do it, helps you get really clear on what you want.

SPEAKER_1: I invite you to practice that every single day. SPEAKER_1: Number two, make a vision board.

SPEAKER_1: Oh my God, this is so super fun, and it is a creative way of making an artifact that will remind you of what you are manifesting.

SPEAKER_1: Think of your vision board as your map full of desirable destinations.

SPEAKER_1: Get really, really specific because, amazing ones, when you start asking the universe and you are in this place of flow, it will deliver.

SPEAKER_1: Get super specific about what you want.
SPEAKER_1: Manifesting is a form of communion with the universal energy of abundance and possibility that is available to every single one of us right now.

SPEAKER_1: You just have to open your heart and open your mind.
SPEAKER_1: So to make the vision board, it’s your choice, right?
SPEAKER_1: You can cut out pictures out of a magazine.
SPEAKER_1: You can use a digital creation tool like Canva, which I absolutely love.

SPEAKER_1: You can use personal photos.

SPEAKER_1: You can draw.
SPEAKER_1: You can paint.
SPEAKER_1: You can use fabric.
SPEAKER_1: You can use textures.
SPEAKER_1: Anything you choose, it’s your creation.

SPEAKER_1: So get wild! Get crazy! Have some fun!

SPEAKER_1: Sky’s the limit.

SPEAKER_1: I like adding words to my vision board because those words help to further cement my vision for me and keep it alive in my awareness.

SPEAKER_1: You can even use the words on your board as a mantra for the moments that you’re in silence.

SPEAKER_1: You see how we tied that back?

SPEAKER_1: The goal is to bring all of this front and center to your awareness because what’s going to wind up happening is that if you’ve got something that’s really important to you that you’re holding in your vision and you put it on the board and you’re spending time in silence and you’re paying close attention, this awareness is going to direct your energy and your choices to be aligned with that thing that you want most.

SPEAKER_1: I learned the power of this from my friend, my dear friend Barbara Bizou, who holds an annual vision experience at the start of every year.

SPEAKER_1: That’s just freakin’ phenomenal!
SPEAKER_1: At the end of the first day, we always make our vision boards in silence.

SPEAKER_1: Last December, I looked at my vision board from the previous year, and I realized I had manifested every stinking thing I had added for 2023.

SPEAKER_1: I was like, holy shit, look at that!

SPEAKER_1: Every single thing that I wanted for myself is there because I directed my attention to that place, I saw it like it was already happening, I believed it was possible, and I made it real.

SPEAKER_1: This year, my board showcases my personal, professional and spiritual dreams and goals, including our move to Raleigh, our new home, and stepping back into the life we want most together.

SPEAKER_1: And I will tell you, I had that sucker magnetized onto the front of my refrigerator, and every single time that my husband and I walk past it, we put hands on it, we take it in, we smile, and it reminds us that this is close.

SPEAKER_1: Like, this is important, and it is close, and it is achievable.

SPEAKER_1: So when you make your vision board, don’t stick it away in a drawer.

SPEAKER_1: Put it somewhere where you can see it.

SPEAKER_1: It’s going to want to be seen.

SPEAKER_1: It is your map of all of the things that are important, and it’s going to help you direct your energy so that you can make it real.

SPEAKER_1: Now, the last tip that I have for today is ask the people you love to hold your vision with you.

SPEAKER_1: Remember, amazing ones, energy is real.

SPEAKER_1: We all share it because every single living thing vibrates and emits energy.

SPEAKER_1: You’re doing it right now.

SPEAKER_1: By sharing your vision with the people that you love and trust, you are inviting them into your flow of energy.

SPEAKER_1: You are giving them an opportunity to co-create and manifest right alongside you, and, oh, my God, that’s a beautiful thing.

SPEAKER_1: The only thing that’s better than you manifesting what you want for yourself is to connect

with the energy of the people who want the very best for you.
SPEAKER_1: Now, as I sign off today, I want you to know this. SPEAKER_1: Everything is possible even if you don’t feel it right now. SPEAKER_1: If your life is a shit show, see what you want next for yourself. SPEAKER_1: Start writing your mindset.

SPEAKER_1: Pay attention to your language.

SPEAKER_1: Get into that flow of energy because you can manifest your dreams and goals when you develop the mindset of possible, when you get really clear on what you want, and when you say yes to stepping into the flow of electricity, of magnetic energy, of abundance that is available to you right now.

SPEAKER_1: Every single one of us has that opportunity.

SPEAKER_1: What’s possible?

SPEAKER_1: Absolutely freaking everything!

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