Navigating Career Transition and Thriving

Navigating Career Transition and Thriving

Career transitions can be tough and even more so if you’ve worked at the same crappy company for years. Each time you’re passed over, disregarded, or marginalized, you lose your confidence. You get so far away from your inner greatness that you forget what makes you fierce and magical. And even though your work is killing you, the mere thought of leaving and starting over again, can conjure stress and anxiety that feels so overwhelming, you stay and suck it up, until you can’t any more. Leaving is one thing. Rebuilding your life afterward is another.
I understand. I’m coaching women who are navigating mental, physical, and emotional detox, after leaving careers in toxic workplaces they suffered for too damn long. If you can relate, I see you. This is a reminder to give yourself time to decompress. You’ve been through a lot. Your nervous system took a beating. It needs time to heal so it can reset and help you rock on.
Find your center.
Get grounded.
Listen to what your body is telling you it needs. It never lies.

Remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you navigate. There is no prescribed time for healing. It happens as it happens. Every second is a new opportunity for you to create the life that you want. Fiercely embrace that truth. Be relentless about your joy.

Get familiar with the residual, heavy, toxic shit that’s still weighing down your body, mind, and soul.
Make space for it. Then, make peace with it.
This will help you travel lighter as you move forward.

Right now, taking care of yourself is the most important job you have.
And, if you say yes to yourself now, the choices you make moving forward, will serve you far better than the job that put you in survival mode.

And if you’re teetering right on the edge of taking a leap and reinventing your career, I can:
Stand beside you and help you create a map to navigate the process.
Help you reset and decompress to recharge your body, mind, and soul.
Help you discover a new set point of ease, rest, and good health.
Empower you to create a strategic exit plan so you can have confidence.
Coach you to develop awareness and dismantle fear.
Help you get super clear about what you truly want most for yourself, and for your life.
If you’re ready to stop surviving and start thriving, let’s talk. I’d love to meet you.