10 Holiday Stress Busting Tips To Boost Your Mindset, Peace, Sanity, and Joy

10 Holiday Stress Busting Tips To Boost Your Mindset, Peace, Sanity, and Joy

Holiday stress is real.
We wait all year to feel the peace, joy, and love vibes of the holiday season. Our best intentions cause us to say yes to more, dysfunctionally please, and hustle ’til we drop. Around mid-December, our fresh holiday optimism fades out like lipstick after a few sexy kisses. The most wonderful time of the year quickly turns into a Griswold style shit show that’s riddled with holiday stress, faster than we can say “Rudolph.”
Peace, sanity, and joy are mindsets. 
Stress is a reaction to something that is happening. Holiday stress doesn’t have to ruin the party this year. These ten tips can help you meet the holidays with a mindset of peace, sanity, and joy:

1. Remove the word ‘guilt’ from your vocabulary. Guilt is a an absolutely useless emotion. Unless you’ve committed a “specified implied offense or crime” there is absolutely no reason for you to ever use this word again.

2. Let go of perfection. Striving for perfection a ridiculous goal that causes holiday stress. Perfection does not exist. You’re human-perfectly imperfect and you’re beautiful!

3. Say yes less. Women have a heightened pre-conditioned tendency to say yes. This can cause us to feel even more holiday stress. Tune in to my podcast to learn how to start feeling really darn good about saying no.

4. Order the take out. Avoid holiday stress martyrdom. Look for every day ways to simplify your life and give you more time for rest, joy, and fun. Isn’t that the whole idea of a holiday?

5. Drop traditions that lead to holiday stress. Decide what brings you joy. Create your own traditions from there.

6. Resist the urge to keep up with The Joneses. Enough said.

7. Keep joys off your task list. Tasks are things like laundry, doing dishes, and taking out the trash. If something brings you joy, it shouldn’t be an item on your to do list. This leads to holiday stress. Swap words like “I have to…” and with words like “I get to…” This small shift will strengthen your joy mindset.

8. Appreciate your awesomeness. Confidence is beautiful. And let’s face it. Who couldn’t use a little more of it this time of year? Reserve a cozy, night to wrap yourself up in delicious self love. And when you’re writing your wish list for Santa, be sure to make a list of what you appreciate most about yourself.

9. Rest and sleep. Holiday stress is compounded when we don’t get enough beauty sleep. The latest science shows that women need more sleep than men. Somewhere between 8-10 hours every night. Writing a list of whatever is on your mind before you drift off, will help you slumber more soundly.

10. Delegate. When the She Beast called Ego visits and tells you, “No one can do this like you can.” See point 2. Then, delegate to lighten your load, reduce your holiday stress, and make more room for joy, and peace.

What do you want to experience this year? What do you want the people you love and care for to experience with you? I explored these questions and more mindful holiday fun during a recent conversation with my friend, Rebecca Fernandez.

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