The Gut Health, Mindset & Looking Fabulous Connection

The Gut Health, Mindset & Looking Fabulous Connection

Gut health wasn’t on our radar until it was.

Processed food have influenced our culture, our bodies, and our mindset. Gut health science is teaching us the truth of those words.  

I cringe when I think about the culinary staples of my teen years that me and millions of other Americans asked our poor guts to process. Twinkie’s, Steak-Ums, Tang, and Doritos.

Deviled Ham, bologna, and Hot Pockets. Powdered Mac n’ Cheese, Fruity Pebbles, and let’s not forget that pretty pink can of TAB. What I didn’t know back then was that everything I ate affected my health, emotions, mood, and mindset.

Gut assaulting foods pumped full of chemicals (that I still can’t pronounce) were mainstream in the 80’s.

American mindset was shaped by McDonald’s who made it impossible for us to forget the seven highly processed ingredients that make a Big Mac so darn special. We begged my Mom to stop at McDonald’s every time we went on a road trip. Decades later, Morgan Spurlock gave us a front row seat to the damaging effects of this fast food empire on our bodies and minds in his documentary, Super Size Me. If you haven’t seen this film yet, I invite you to run, don’t walk and check it out.

Decades before UberEats hit the scene, Domino’s opened the door for us to order a piping hot pizza, have it delivered in 30 minutes or less, and be totally sedentary as we tossed copious amounts of salt, chemicals, and cheese into our guts.

Lay’s drove consumerism mindset by convincing us that “No one can eat just one.” Oscar Mayer used adorable little children to teach us how to spell bologna. Their little voices bore into my brain like an ear wig and they’ve never left. Coca-Cola led us to believe that sipping an icy Coke would make us feel good and smile more. The chemicals in their drinks that became as American as apple pie, will take the tarnish off a penny. What do you think your gut has to say about that?

These brands changed our relationship with food.

The clever advertising companies behind these brands brainwashed two generations with masterfully crafted campaigns and loads of chemicals that caused us to crave, buy, and consume their highly addictive foods. In 2024, it’s easy to understand how much processed foods have influenced our culture, mindset, and gut health.

Processed foods are compromising our gut health, physical health, and mindset.

Life is faster, more challenging, demanding, and noisy now than it was in the 80’s. (The only saving grace is that our phones have gotten a hell of a lot lighter.)

Millions of Americans are suffering from epidemic levels of disease that eluded previous generations. Check out these stats:

Food is one of the common denominators that we can control across every stat. Talk about power! You and I can positively influence every single one of these stats by paying attention to what we eat and loving our guts. This one choice gives us incredible power to be well (and did I mention look freakin’ fabulous?) in our modern world.

When your gut is healthy, your body and mind are healthy too.

Science has recently discovered the powerful connection of the gut-brain axis. Now we know that what we eat plays a really big role in shaping the health of our gut micro-biome. 

Here’s why that’s a big deal. Your gut micro-biome directly influences your physical health, energetic health, and your mindset.

Expert Kristina von Oertzen explains why and how. 

In a recent episode of my podcast, She Grabs The Mic, the wildly intelligent Kristina von Oertzen, founder of Bloom Lab, joined me to break down the ways gut health influences our overall health and mindset.

Kristina explains why eating well boosts our gut health micro-biome and a slew of other key health and beauty indicators, including:

  • Mindset
  • Cognition
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Stress 
  • Sleep
  • Weight 
  • Physical appearance

You have the power to be healthy, think powerfully, and look fabulous by loving your gut.

It’s easy to feel hopeless, overwhelmed and discouraged in our demanding, challenging, and noisy as hell world. To make matters worse, your brain is ‘wired’ to focus on threats and negativity. (Check out my podcast episode on Media Hype and Overwhelm to learn how to override your wiring.)

Here’s what I want you to know. You have more power to be well, feel amazing, and look fabulous than you realize. Focus on what you can control.

Turning your attention away from processed foods toward gut loving, healthy foods is something you can do- today. 

Listen to my conversation with Kristina and learn her three top tips for improving your gut health, overall health, and your mindset. 

Love your gut and your gut will love you back.

Get mindful about the foods you are feeding your body. Say no to every chemical you can’t pronounce and no to processed sugars. Day by day, your gut will get healthier.

You will become stronger.

You will improve your resilience to overcome challenges.

You will sleep more soundly and think more clearly.

You will experience more emotional stability, more joy, and you will gain confidence in yourself. These are all delicious ingredients for loving yourself and for living life well. 

If you’re ready to transform your life with mindset and empowerment coaching, I’d love to meet you. Click here to get started.