Navigating Career Transition and Thriving

Navigating Career Transition and Thriving

Career transitions can be tough and even more so if you’ve worked at the same crappy company for years. Each time you’re passed over, disregarded, or marginalized, you lose your confidence. You get so far away from your inner greatness that you forget what makes you fierce and magical. And even though your work is killing you, the mere thought of leaving and starting over again, can conjure stress and anxiety that feels so overwhelming, you stay and suck it up, until you can’t any more. Leaving is one thing. Rebuilding your life afterward is another.
I understand. I’m coaching women who are navigating mental, physical, and emotional detox, after leaving careers in toxic workplaces they suffered for too damn long. If you can relate, I see you. This is a reminder to give yourself time to decompress. You’ve been through a lot. Your nervous system took a beating. It needs time to heal so it can reset and help you rock on.
Find your center.
Get grounded.
Listen to what your body is telling you it needs. It never lies.

Remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you navigate. There is no prescribed time for healing. It happens as it happens. Every second is a new opportunity for you to create the life that you want. Fiercely embrace that truth. Be relentless about your joy.

Get familiar with the residual, heavy, toxic shit that’s still weighing down your body, mind, and soul.
Make space for it. Then, make peace with it.
This will help you travel lighter as you move forward.

Right now, taking care of yourself is the most important job you have.
And, if you say yes to yourself now, the choices you make moving forward, will serve you far better than the job that put you in survival mode.

And if you’re teetering right on the edge of taking a leap and reinventing your career, I can:
Stand beside you and help you create a map to navigate the process.
Help you reset and decompress to recharge your body, mind, and soul.
Help you discover a new set point of ease, rest, and good health.
Empower you to create a strategic exit plan so you can have confidence.
Coach you to develop awareness and dismantle fear.
Help you get super clear about what you truly want most for yourself, and for your life.
If you’re ready to stop surviving and start thriving, let’s talk. I’d love to meet you.
Why Your Layoff News May Be The Best Gift You Ever Got

Why Your Layoff News May Be The Best Gift You Ever Got

Lay-offs seem to be happening all over the place. It’s worth noting that being laid off is not the same as being fired. Layoffs are not personal. In other words, if you’ve been laid off, the chances are pretty high that you did nothing wrong. By contrast, being fired is usually a result of you doing or not doing something that was within your control. If you or someone you know has been (or may be) laid off, I want you to know this. Your layoff may be one of the best gifts you ever got. Mindfulness can help you realize it. 

Whether you love your job, tolerate it, or flat out dread going into work, if you’ve been laid off, it was likely jarring. It forced you out of what you know. Now, maybe you’re one of those people who loved (or at least liked) you job. Or maybe, you’re one of the countless millions who have been slogging through the workdays feeling miserable, stressed, stuck and under appreciated.

If you’re in that last group, you’ve been plodding along this way for years at the risk of your own mental and physical health. You’ve kept going because you have a family to support, bills to pay, and a lifestyle to maintain. Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Fear of change has created a state of inertia that has kept you stuck in what I call, ‘the loop.’ In the loop, you put yourself last and tolerate crappy work circumstances. You stop dreaming. You race so hard and so fast you miss the joy around you. You forget all of the things that make you special. Your layoff gives you a chance to get out of the loop and start living and working on your own terms. Mindfulness can help you get there.

Coaching people who are navigating the layoff cycle has taught me a few consistent truths.

  1. Their first reaction is typically fear, followed by its’ good buddies, anger, confusion, and panic. Their thoughts immediately go to the very worst things that could happen. They reach full freak out mode and react to protect themselves.
  2. Within hours of getting the layoff news, they make every attempt to replace the job they lost as soon as possible. They head to LinkedIn and change their status to “Open to Work.” They rapid fire applications to jobs that they don’t really want, send their resumes to recruiters and ‘activate their networks.’
  3. Fear activates their nervous system’s emergency button, making it hard to think or make clear choices. As with most things, mindfulness changes their experience. It empowers them to observe without absorbing and take intentional forward steps that empower them to write their next chapter from a place of choice.
  4. Resetting unlocks a world of possibilities. There is reaction and there is response. My clients learn how mindfulness helps them reset their nervous system, respond and realize the gift of their layoff.

Here are three of the invitations I offer my coaching clients to help them with their initial reset:

  1. Breathe. Breathing resets the nervous system, restores balance, reduces stress, and improves cognition. 
  2. Allow time for decompression and rest. This reset improves overall health, clarity and rekindles creativity, 
  3. Explore what brings you joy. By exploring what brings you joy, you can be more intentional about finding your next gig.

Post reset, my clients learn:

  • Their layoff felt personal, but it wasn’t.
  • They can choose to stew or thrive.
  • How unwell and exhausted they were.
  • To appreciate the gift of time they’ve been given.
  • Mindfulness is the gateway for creativity, cognition and optimism.
  • They can choose work that brings them fulfillment and joy.

*If you’re ready to navigate your career transition mindfully, head to my contact page and let’s grab some time to talk about how I can empower you.

My Journey: From Corporate Burnout to Free

My Journey: From Corporate Burnout to Free

I used to believe that if I took a day off, my team, my work and my clients would fall to hell in a hand basket. As my Dad fought for his life, I said yes to every meeting. “CB2, coming at you live, from the trauma ICU.” Ego was in charge of my life and it almost killed me. I worked 60+ hour weeks. I said yes to more responsibility and more clients in the midst of a family crisis. I spent more nights away on business than I did at home. I said yes to ‘more’ to prove I was strong- that I was a team player, and loyal employee who belonged in her corporate role. That narrative was supported and rewarded. I traveled further and further away from myself. My priorities were totally f’d and I started suffering from corporate burnout mentally, physically and energetically.

I chased “success” and sacrificed the things I needed to be healthy.

I allowed my relationships, sleep, yoga, meditation, the hobbies I loved and my sacred silent time to do absolutely nothing to slowly melt away. My soul food took a back seat to “success.” I kept every ball in the air and put myself at the end of the line. I arrogantly believed the world would stop spinning if I dropped a single one. I was ridiculous.

I worked to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion.

I wound up in the hospital with blood pressure so high I was kept for two days for observation and grounded from flying. My marriage started crumbling. I became a stressed-out shell of myself. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an exhausted woman I pitied and no longer recognized. But hey, I was damn good at my big job.

Stepping away was the first courageous step I took in my corporate recovery.

Just before my proverbial bottom completely dropped out, I made a decision that totally changed my life. I stepped away and took family leave for six weeks to support my family while my Dad recovered from his life-threatening accident. It was the first step to what I call my ‘corporate recovery.’ I briefed my team, trusted them to take over and let go of my sassy ass ego. I powered down my Mac, stuck it in a drawer and permanently set my phone to ‘do not disturb.’ I totally unplugged from work and social media.T

hose weeks reminded me that life is precious and that living is being present for it. I remembered that my career was only a small slice of who I was. I chose to let go of my ego and my need to control and be present in my life. Then the most amazing thing happened.  As I let go of all the useless crap I’d been lugging around, I discovered a kind of beautiful awareness and peace that I’d been longing for.

I chose to live differently.

I slept, meditated and practiced yoga. I spent hours holding my Dad’s hand, supporting my Mom and sitting in silence doing absolutely nothing. I tended my soul. I found the presence I’d willingly surrendered. I learned the world could spin just fine without me and in that knowledge, I found the perspective I needed to heal myself, heal my relationships, and understand what mattered most. Day by day, I found my way back to myself and I started living again. I resigned two months later.

This picture represents the point in time when I realized fear is a liar that keeps us stuck, bound and hopeless. It reminds me of the moment in time that I was courageous enough to choose myself because I had the good sense to pause long enough to understand what truly mattered in my life. This picture captures the essence of the woman who chose to walk away from a super healthy paycheck and the security of a company to live life on her own terms, without any certainty.

* I help people navigate career transition through mindfulness based life coaching. If you’re ready to start a new chapter in your own career, let’s talk.