Life Lessons From My Mom

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Human Stories

My mother is powerful and courageous. She’s suffered too many hurts to count. She’s carried heavy baggage. She’s learned how to survive in the midst of chaos.
She’s taught me lessons over the last 54 years that have shaped me.
How to:
Stand up for myself and speak my truth- especially in my early years when I stuttered so badly I could hardly say my name,
Love animals,
Shave my legs, use a tampon, and enjoy a good book,
Find joy in cooking, mow a yard, tend a garden, and body surf,
Live curiously, work hard, and question authority,
Hug everyone and say yes to love,
Fail fast and keep going,
Have faith in myself and The Divine,
Love my son unconditionally,
Use my voice for good,
Do everything I can, as one woman, to make the world a little better,
Self sacrifice
My mother has lived on her own terms.
She was a medical professional working full time and a single Mom of three daughters, in the 70’s. She was in demand because she was so damn smart, committed, and good at her job. She defied all the rules, busted the stereotypes, and taught me what it means to take bold chances.

As I’ve watched her over the years, I’ve learned that women are strong, capable, and hard as hell on ourselves. I have learned that it is only possible to wield our magic if we learn to fully love ourselves- the dark and the light equally and unconditionally.

54 years later, self love is the lesson I am able to share with my mother. 

I am grateful to be her daughter. I am blessed to witness her magic.
Today, I am celebrating this amazing woman- raising a glass to her imperfect extraordinary life, as she kicks off her __th revolution around the sun!
If you’re ready to live your best life, let’s talk. I’d love to help you get there.

Cole Baker-Bagwell

Master Certified Professional Coach

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