International Women’s Day: A Rally Cry For Investing In Women

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Human Stories

March offers the world an opportunity to celebrate the past contributions and accomplishments of women with Women’s History Month. Being celebrated for 31 entire days is freakin’ amazing but, there’s one day in particular that’s extra powerful and that’s March 8th, International Women’s Day. This is the day women everywhere can come together in celebration of our potential and future possibilities.

U.N. Women have created a crystal clear call to action for IWD2024  which they’re sending out to public and private sector, societies, and leaders alike: “Invest in women. Accelerate Progress.” These words strike me as bittersweet. On the one hand, I’m saying, “Hell yes!” On the other, I’m sad as hell that in 2024, we’re still having to prove why investing is women is smart as hell.

In a statement on their website, the U.N. says: “Investing in women and championing gender equality turbocharges a future where everyone in society can thrive, creating a world of boundless opportunity and empowerment for all.” 

Eloquent words indeed. As I dug into the rationale behind the statement, I discovered three common denominators: personal agency, opportunity and equality. 

  • Agency over our bodies, minds, and lives.
  • Opportunity to be hired for our earned wisdom, skills and experience- regardless of age. (If you’re over 45, know this. You’re not old. You’re expensive.)
  • Equality spanning all manner of areas from our gender, rights, and pay, to the financial investment we need to support the businesses we dream of creating that will stimulate opportunity and the economy

The reality is this. The world will not turn on a dime. We cannot wait for the decision makers and purse string holders to say yes to investing in us.

We have to support and invest in one another. When we do, history’s taught us there’s nothing but upside.

As I look to the future that’s ours to create, everything is possible, if we believe it is.

Reflecting on where we’ve been  fuels me with a ridiculous amount of determination, strength and inspiration. Countless women unapologetically blazed trails and changed the course of history. They stepped into their power so you and I could travel a little easier and manifest even greater opportunities. These women fought for our right to be counted and to vote.

Women have marched and persisted for decades in pursuit of equality, opportunity, and agency.

The women who came before us transformed society and culture. They invented medicines and discovered cures for illnesses; unearthed precious artifacts and went to space. They were great thinkers, innovators, leaders, and musical legends.

They courageously advocated for themselves and rose in the face of adversity.

They did not back down. Instead, they broke barriers. They challenged the patriarchy, and changed countless narratives with intelligence, compassion, determination, and purpose. They instigated and inspired change.

They left a legacy of powerful lessons.

  • They taught us our reward of persistence is immense.
  • They taught the world that women are a force to be reckoned with, especially when we gather in communities and invest in one another’s success. 
  • And today, in 2024, they remind us of perhaps the most important lesson of all. If you and I are audacious enough to believe that we can, we can and we will.

When I look back in history, I am reminded that everything truly is possible. Having the right mindset, tools, and support, make stepping into our power and manifesting our goals possible.

My ‘why’ is to empower women just like you to actualize your potential and the agency you have to manifest your dreams and goals. This is how we build the future and change the world.

In Episode 23 of She Grabs The Mic, I help you step into the power you have today, to transform your world. My hope is that you will have the curiosity and courage to believe that you can and, the audacity to say yes to your amazing self.

You and I are the women making history now.

Our possibilities are endless. The way we think, persist, and contribute everyday matters. We have to show up for ourselves with love, courage, and determination. We have to support and invest in each other. This is how we build the future and show the world what’s possible.

The legacies we are creating today will pave new opportunities for every little girl who’s right behind us. One day, they will be the women reflecting on us with deep gratitude, awe, and humility. We will be their source of inspiration. How’s that for a full circle moment? ❤️

Cole Baker-Bagwell

Master Certified Professional Coach

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